Wednesday, April 1, 2015

First Connect Then Correct - Ask Better Questions To Get Better Answers

A little boy of seven asked his mother "mom, how can i benefit you from these connect-correct and make better relations?"

Mom Asked the boy, "With whom do you want to have better relation?"

The little boy promptly said, "Dada ji" (Grand Father)

The mother suggested the boy that he should go to his grandfather ask, "Dada ji; How is your muscle pain now a days?" The boy ran to his dada ji and asked, "How is your pain now a days?" Dada ji's face reflected many marks of uneasiness, and then he said hesitantly, "It's terrible, very painful, especially in winters it pains a lot, and I am not at all with myself when it continuously hurts for couple of hours....."

The boy came back to mother and said, "mom dada ji's mood is off, he is behaving like a whiner, and i will not go to him again." The mother waited for a while then after fifteen minutes she again suggested the boy that he should go and ask dada ji about his childhood days and what mischievous thing he did during those days. The boy went and asked, "Dada ji, in your childhood what mischievous things you did?". Dada ji's face suddenly changed for the better as if he was altogether a different person and ready to speak for two hours untiringly.

He said, "You don't do anything as we did, you are always glued to TV or video game, In our days I used to go to watch Ram Lila by walking seven miles, I used to swim for 10 minutes continuously under the water, I used to so and so... and it went on....

The boy came to mother and said,"Mom, dada ji is very excited, now he seems to be happy."

Then the mother explained the power of connecting and asking questions and said, "Ask better questions to get better answers."

"When you connect first with people you bring a smile on their face. First Connect Then Correct!" -TAPAS

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