Friday, March 20, 2015

A Letter To My Daughter Aaradhya on Her 1st Birthday And Its Lessons For Life!

To The Apple Of My Eyes, My Ever So Adorable Daughter Aaradhya!

I am writing this to you on your first birthday, but you won’t read it for many years yet. Where and when you will be reading this I don’t know. I have so many thoughts running around my mind and I thought I would write them all down so that one day, you can read and hopefully treasure them, the way I treasure you.

Today is March 20, 2015. Today is your first birthday. Today, you turned O-N-E. Three hundred and sixty five days ago, I stood with your mother as we welcomed you into this world. It was a time of unbelievable relation. Holding you in my arms for the first time there was this profound moment that the world had been disrupted by your presence, and that it was now my grand responsibility to help you become the woman you were meant to be.

Aaradhya, I always prayed for a daughter, and as an answer to my prayers God gifted us with you. You are a gift from God and this day only reminds us even more how grateful we all are to have you in our family. I will never forget where I was a year ago when I heard the wonderful news of your arrival. I am so happy to be sharing this day with you. Words cannot explain my emotions when the nurse at Navjeevan Nursing Home came over to me and said, “here’s your daughter”. And there was you my darling, Aaroo, clad in white, my tiny little angel!!! Darling, I have always shown to the world my rough and tough side, but I am more emotional than your mother, and if it comes to a “tear shedding competition” I would win it hands down. It is truly edged in my memory, that unforgettable moment, when my tears of joy almost got my shirt wet.

My daughter, it has been more than a 7 months today, since I last saw you when I came home during vacations (on September 15, 2014). You were staying at your Mother's parents home. You are still there at their home.

I know, we are far apart, but you will always be in my heart. I am thinking of you on this special day. I can not describe my love to you. “I miss you Aaroo. You definitely have learned to talk, learned to walk, I miss you calling me ‘Papa’, I miss you holding my hands to walk with." I really wanted to meet you on this special day but circumstances are not in our favor :(  this time. Soon, I will get you back!

My lovely daughter, today I wanted to share with you my hopes and wishes for your life, and to perhaps pass on a little wisdom, should my thoughts be deemed as wise.

I will give you my wise words. You will listen to some, and reject most. If nothing else, take note of where I have failed.
  • I will wish for you a life free from pain. But there will be pain. You will have your heart broken, your best friend will betray you. Stay strong. Through pain we learn and return to  joy.
  • I will dislike the man (or woman) you bring home. Forgive my selfishness. Should they prove worthy of you, I will love them too, eventually.
  • I will tell everyone about you. You’ll be embarrassed. But some day, you’ll know why I’m so proud.
  • I will give you everything that I am. I gave you life, that was a good start. But wherever I can help you be happier, it will be done.
  • I will strive to make you better than me. It will secretly hurt when you surpass me, but whatever you need to do it, will be yours.
  • I will dance at your Wedding. I will embarrass you.
  • I will thank God for your mother. She gave you birth. I love her a lot! She is beautiful, intelligent and ofcourse sanskari, but a lier :( she hasn't a beautiful heart).
  • I will cry over you. At your successes and failures. In your youth and middle-age. At our mutual joys and fears. I will cry because you are a part of me. Because you give me purpose.
  • I will hold you, support you, guide you, teach you, protect you and love you with all my heart and soul!
  • I can promise one thing further, "you will always be my baby".
I am your parents since the day you were born and until I draw my last breath. I hope that I stay healthy and see you live the most wonderful life. I can think of nothing more devastating than being denied the chance to see you grow into the wonderful human being that I know you will be. I hope you are blessed not only with a beautiful face, but with a beautiful heart too. I will do my utmost to teach you about being a beautiful person. To teach you that manners and courtesy will carry you far further in this life than a pretty face and a good pair of pins.

I can’t tell you in words how much I miss you my daughter Aaroo!
I love you my sweet Princes! May you have a wonderful first birthday, and a blessed future.

Your father has showered all his blessings to you!

Love you my Apricot! :) Cheeku :)

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